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Sports Massage and Enhancing Athletic Performance

Sports massage can be an effective way for athletes to have their muscle pain, tightness, or immobility treated by a professional. Whether you are a professional athlete, play team sports, or work out as a hobby, your muscles can be placed under a lot of strain from continual extreme movements. This pressure, when not given enough time to rest or recover, can cause soreness and damage within your muscles that requires a professional to treat.

At Bowen Hill Acupuncture and Remedial Therapies, we provide sports massage and acupuncture solutions to help treat muscle soreness within athletes. Ken looks after all of our remedial massage client sessions. He is an athlete himself, being a part of the powerlifting community, while also holding a Cert IV in Ammo Tuina traditional Chineses massage.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways sports massage can help athletes manage muscle soreness, and why Bowen Hills Acupuncture and Remedial Therapies is the place to go to receive this treatment.

Sports massaging

The Importance of Sports Massage

No matter what sport you participate in, your muscle fibres are always going to be working harder to ensure your body can perform the necessary tasks. If you don’t allow enough time for your muscles to repair themselves between these strenuous activities, you run the risk of causing more severe, long-term musculoskeletal damage.

Sports massage can work alongside sports medicine and acupuncture as an effective treatment for injuries sustained while being active. It can help your muscles avoid tightening too much, while also improving blood flow and range of motion. Whether you play football, go cycling, lift weights, or perform any kind of strenuous physical exercise on a regular basis, sports massage – when treated by a professional – can have a range of benefits to help you prevent and manage short and long-term injuries and soreness.

Sports massages

How Does Sports Massage Aid Recovery?

At Bowen Hills Acupuncture and Remedial Therapies, we offer a personalised sports massage therapy that draws upon a rich background in traditional Chinese remedial massage, enriched with a variety of advanced techniques. While Ken is trained in Tui Na, our approach is holistic and tailored, combining the wisdom of ancient practices with modern sports massage principles. Our goal is to target key areas for healing and recovery, employing techniques such as:

  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Joint Mobilisations and Manipulations
  • Advanced Stretching Techniques including PNF and MET
  • Active Release

Each treatment is customised to the athlete’s unique needs, offering relief for those with severe injuries or musculoskeletal issues who may prefer a non-invasive but equally effective alternative to acupuncture. Our comprehensive sports massage therapy can be beneficial as a standalone treatment or as part of an integrated plan that may include cupping, acupuncture, and other remedial therapies to support your journey to optimal health and performance.

Sports massage for Athletic Performance

FAQs About Sports Massage

Want to know more about sports massage and our particular services at Bowen Hills Acupuncture and Remedial Therapies? Hopefully, these FAQs answer all your questions.

Does sports massage hurt?

Our experienced and certified massage therapists will always take your level of pain tolerance into consideration when conducting your remedial massage. We only ever use the appropriate amount of pressure in our massage sessions and will continually ask you if our treatment is causing you any discomfort so we know if we have to adjust at any point.

Is there a difference between sports massage and remedial massage?

Sports massage is commonly used to assist athletes in preparing for and recovering from their training. It focuses on stretching and stimulating muscles to enhance the state of soft tissues. On the other hand, remedial massage is better suited for athletes dealing with persistent or serious injuries, or musculoskeletal problems.

What should I wear to my remedial massage session?

Our therapists prefer to access bare skin to effectively administer remedial massage to the required muscles and tissues. Since this type of massage can target various body parts, you may need to disrobe the areas our therapists identify for treatment. Generally, women can keep their bras on, but some sports bras might have to be removed if they restrict access to the patient’s back.

Book Your Sports Massage with Bowen Hills Acupuncture

For remedial massage services in Brisbane, reach out to our office at 0432 411 654 to explore how our treatments can benefit you. You’re also welcome to use our booking page to schedule your initial remedial massage session.

Bowen Hills Acupuncture and Remedial Therapies is situated on the first floor above a gym near the centre of Brisbane. Our doors are open from Monday to Saturday.

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