Cupping Therapy
in Brisbane

Cupping is a remedial technique that uses either traditional glass or modern vacuum style plastic cups to apply suction to tissue, with the potential to alleviate pain, increase blood flow, and promote relaxation and general wellbeing.

In traditional Chinese medicine, cupping therapy is used to remove environmental pathogenic factors such as wind, cold and heat and is a common folk remedy for colds and muscle spasms.


With over 15 years experience in providing acupuncture and cupping therapy in Brisbane, our therapists use cupping in treatment plans for patients with:

  • back and neck pain
  • tight muscles
  • muscle aches and pains
  • headaches and migraines

​At Bowen Hills Acupuncture and Remedial Therapies, we use modern vacuum style cups as opposed to the more traditional glass fire cupping method. This allows for a wider range of treatment options compared to the glass fire cupping method, as modern style cupping therapy can:

  • produce stronger suction
  • cover a wider area of the skin
  • be applied to more parts of the body
  • allow the muscles to be stretched while the cups are in place

We offer both slide cupping and stationary cupping therapy in our Brisbane clinic.

Slide cupping is used when oil is applied to the skin, which allows the cup to move up and down a body area, moving the blood and fluids through the tissues, opening up local circulation and warming up the area. This is different from stationary cupping, which uses one or more cups applied to the skin that are then left in place.

Cupping therapy benefits are similar in ways to massage therapy. Both aim to stimulate the muscles to relieve muscle strain and promote blood flow. Unlike massage therapy, however, cupping creates a negative pressure which stretches out the fascia and draws blood and fluids to the surface on the skin. Massage therapy, on the other hand, uses downward pressure to massage and stretch out the muscles and tissue.
Bowen Hills Acupuncture and Remedial Therapies’ cupping treatments are suited for people experiencing a large range of muscle and pain concerns. To find out how our cupping services can help you, reach out to our team today.

What to Expect

After a thorough consultation with our therapists to assess your current condition and health goals, cupping may be suggested as part of your treatment plan.
Depending on your preferences and needs, cupping may be chosen as part of your comprehensive treatment plan alongside acupuncture or massage therapy.

Does cupping hurt?

Cupping should feel similar to a deep tissue massage, in that it should feel pleasant when light to medium pressure is applied and may be a bit uncomfortable when strong suction is used. Depending on your needs and preferences, our therapists take care to adjust the strength of suction applied so you don’t feel discomfort. In fact, many of our patients say cupping therapy feels amazing and always ask for cupping to be included in their treatment.

Will I be bruised or sensitive after cupping?

Cupping therapy is probably most well known for the distinctive temporary marks that it leaves on skin after treatment. These marks can be mistaken for bruises, but are not. They are not caused by trauma, but from the blood being drawn into this specific area of the skin by the cup. The marks will usually clear away after about a week.

When discussing your treatment at the start of your session, we take every care to account for your upcoming plans – we wouldn’t opt for cupping if you plan to attend a wedding with a backless dress the next day!

What should I wear to my treatment?

Like with most remedial treatments, you’ll need to remove clothing from the area where the cups will be applied. This is because cupping, acupuncture, and massages are applied to bare skin, allowing for the treatment to access the muscles and tissue underneath without any barriers.
In most cases, cupping is performed on the upper back and shoulders, but can also be applied to other muscles as required. Women will usually be able to leave their bra on for the treatment, only sports bras with crossover straps may need to be removed if they don’t allow enough access to the back.

What should I do after my treatment?

We encourage you to keep the treated area covered and warm to help your muscles stay relaxed. It is also recommended to make sure you keep up with your water intake after treatment.
Many people choose to take a short break from working out or other activities that cause muscle strain – such as sitting for hours at a desk – but there is no real harm in moving your muscles after treatment.

Are there male and female therapists available?

Yes! A female therapist is available on Friday afternoons. When you book online, or via our office on 0434 411 654, you can book with either Ken or Christin.

How long does a session take?

Our treatment sessions are approximately one hour long, inclusive of consultation, assessment, and other remedial therapies provided. Cupping is a modality typically used alongside either massage or acupuncture in a treatment plan. It is important to apply the cups for the right amount of time, which is usually 5 to 10 minutes max. You can find out more about the length and cost of our sessions on our bookings page.

Do you offer cupping near me?

Bowen Hills Acupuncture and Remedial Therapies is in a central location that is conveniently near northern inner city suburbs including New Farm, Hamilton, Brisbane City, Windsor, Ascot, Newmarket, Fortitude Valley, Spring Hill, and Bowen HIlls.

A man Workout

Cupping Therapy Benefits and Training

Cupping therapy is typically used by people who are looking for ways to help relax and loosen muscles after training or workouts. We have used cupping as part of the treatment plans for athletes, trainers, and gym-goers alike.

According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, cupping may be used to help remove pathogens, or to invigorate the circulation of the blood and help the body to restore its natural healthy balance.

Weightlifters, runners, boxers, weight trainers, and other athletes can use cupping as part of a treatment plan for sports recovery while relaxing sore and tired muscles, and can be used as part of regular health maintenance or on an as-needed basis. If you feel great in your body, you will be able to put your best effort into your training.

Most people who use cupping therapy in our Brisbane clinic prefer to take time to rest after a treatment to take the best advantage of the feeling of relaxation it provides. Using cupping as part of your exercise and workout regime on your relaxation days can help you truly take advantage of the break you are giving your muscles.

While there is no harm in exercising immediately after a cupping treatment – some people find cupping therapy benefits their warm up by loosening their muscles – it’s a good idea to make sure the areas that were treated are covered by your clothes, and that you don’t expose yourself to cool air, particularly while sweating.

If you’re seeking treatment before a big competitive event, we advise to come 2 or 3 days before your comp to allow more than enough time for any post-treatment soreness to subside.

Book Cupping Therapy at our Brisbane Clinic

Have you ever asked yourself “is there cupping near me?”. Or wondered how cupping therapy benefits you? Send us a message via our Facebook page or contact our office on 0434 411 654 to discuss how cupping can fit into your treatment plan.

You can also book your initial cupping therapy session under the acupuncture/remedial massage service on our bookings page.

Bowen Hills Acupuncture and Remedial Therapies is located on the first floor above Fortitude Barbell in the centre of Brisbane. We are open from Monday through to Saturday.

Bowen Hills is in the centre of Brisbane and can easily be accessed from the neighbouring suburbs Fortitude Valley, CBD, Newstead, Albion, Teneriffe, Newfarm, Herston, Windsor, Wilston, Lutwyche and Woolowin.

On-street parking is available.

Public transportation: Bowen Hills train station is a 5 min walk away (350 metres). 

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